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Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Craving pizza. And not my homemade ones. I really really want a Pizza Hut pizza for some reason. And I really want some candyfloss too.

If I ever am pregnant, I'm going to have some weird-arse cravings.

And the foxes are yipping and howling in the backgarden again. AND the badgers are snuffling about the bins.

Aw man 2:30AM and I'm craving junk food.

It also appears than Mum has been drinking my Baileys again. Hnnurgh. I don't even like the stuff, it was just given to me on my birthday but still at least you could ask...

I'm just going to be rambling all through the night/morning aren't I?

My lovely audience of none are going to be really pissed.


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