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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Aha! Something actually relevant/interesting.

Serena's been awake fr a while apparently, I phoned home a while ago and yep, Vivi, Chester, pronoun use is non-existent. BUT, she's apparently expressing some (well-founded) urgency about returning to her parents. Mum said that she'll drop her off at the police station once she's fully in control of all her faculties.

So yeah, good news.

The Scientist


  1. I hope the kid's okay. If she still can't use pronouns you might want to a) keep a bucket within easy reach and b) keep her restrained since Kaylee did attempt to attack us a couple of times between us giving her the cure and her being in-control enough to leave, which should take 24-36 hours.


  2. Glad to hear the kid is okay. Hope her parents are grateful for everything you guys did (even if you can only say a tiny bit of truth, heh).

    Trip goin' well?

  3. Good news. I like it.

    Be careful. I smell Proxies on the ferry. I could tell that Slendy despises you enough to do so.

    Stay Safe. And be the best damn scientist you've ever been. - Liam.

  4. I want to apologize for my few cryptic comments on here. Stuff has been... shaky, for me. I admire your tenacity, determination, and drive to experiment and do stuff I doubt I ever could.

    Fuck, but I'd envy you if, you know, you weren't being stalked by a faceless abomination. Glad to hear no one's died during my crazy times.

    Child proxies... is he learning something new? Or just repeating a cycle?

  5. Just as a comment, how are you going to explain the whole "having a disappeared child" thing? Are you going to tell them you just picked her up? I feel like police involvement might be a bad thing right now. Particularly if you have any sort of explosive in your house, and the police call round.


    I'm glad you all think so highly of Mother and I to think that we'd actually let the police see Mum.

    She's dropping her off nearby the police station and then escorting her to the actual place via car.

    Explaining anything would be off the cards.