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Monday, 31 January 2011



And the bastard that wishes to drive him to that again?

I will, make no mistake, scratch your eyes out of your face. Reach can attest to the fact that if there is one non-living thing I take better care of than Balthazar, it's my nails.

Slendy? You've burnt down Cathy's house and taken Cyndia away. I've know these two from the very beginning and I will give every single part of myself over to stopping you.

Reach, I'm sorry I hid my ulterior motive from you, but I swore to my Mother that I would get him back as under the radar as possible.

Cameron, brother, we may not be on the best of terms, we may have parted under duress and I may have said some things to piss you off, but please, you have to understand that I said them deliberately to piss you off. Ya crybaby.

Father, fuck you. But he killed you, and I can't forgive that.

Catch you on the flip side,

The Scientist

Sunday, 30 January 2011


Frap....WHUT. I can;t even wrap my head around....

I wish you luck, friend, but I can't say anything other than "WHUT" right now.

Reach and I aren't -ahem- talking very much after...well....I screamed at him.

Cyndia burnt down Cathy's house. Cathy appears to be alive, but there is little doubt now that her daughter is malevolent and in full partnership with Slendershit.

And Chester is trapped in an unknown place, with nothing of any real combat value.


Fucking bastardy running life.

The Scientist

Spending the day....

In a hotel all day.....

Balthazar is about as happy as I am, scrabbling at the door and woofing up at the windows....

Well, at least we're on a high floor....

Reach, we have to go to WestN tomorrow. Or today. I don't care, but we're going there ASAP. Whether yo like it or know why or not. You've whisked me off to places and not told me where in hell we're going until we're halfway there, I think I should get the chance to return the favour, even if it is just this once.


Chester's missing. Not good whatsoever. Cynthia's a malevolent being currently, working in full partnership with him. Thage's been attacked, but lived (even if there's now a problem with partial-blindness.) Tony is apparently Van Helsing. Jeff's getting better. Robert's perfectly coherent and as-sane-as-possible-under-the-circumstances, (but throwing up some really interesting Theories...) Zeke's alive, but hitting dead-ends.

Reach is still easing into eating normal foods....humorous consequences and not-so-humorous in some cases, we've left the joining door open to...well....yell at eachother or laugh derisively....or share Theories when we're actually being civil....

I must admit, with all the shit going on, I half expected the room to be like 1408 in Stephen King.....

I would not put it past him.

The Scientist

Saturday, 29 January 2011

I'm laughing far too much for it to be healthy.

So, I just heard Reach swearing violently through the adjoining door (new hotel, new layout, I refuse to share ANOTHER room, even if we are running from a bloody brick house of a Revenant) and was reaching for my Tazer before I saw a blog update.

Well darling, that's what happens when you don't ease yourself into foods. Maybe go for something a little tamer next time?

You know, after the retching stops.



Ooooh, interesting Theories, Reach, my friend...They do make a twisted sense....

But we need to hit the road soon. We do have places that I'd like to muse on too.

Soon. Like, tomorrow.

Why Ireland?

Why the hell not. We are the site of Tir Na Nog and many believe us to be the home of Magic itself. Even if magic may or may not be real, we still have that powerful feel to our lands, right?


I retract my previous statement. I hope you feel terrible. Until the morning because I don't know the roads anymore and do actually need to get to WestN sometime tomorrow so I'm willing to risk the car.

So we stakeout the hill? Beyond the borders, of course.....


We need to research our ancestors it seems....


I've said it many times before and I'll say it again.


I know that we're desperate but by testing and re-testing the same thing over and over (and I've seen so many of you do this with Electromagnetics and Electricity in general) we're just helping him build up immunity.


Even I'm not trying out Electromagnetics again, not yet anyway. I'm focussing more on the Proxies/Agents/Hallowed and Revenants because, for all their manipulation via Slenderbender, they're still limited.They're still human in that sense.

Slendershit is not.

I hate him with every fibre of my being, but that doesn't mean that I don't have to respect his fucking 'abilities.' I have to, we all have to, because it's those 'abilities' that are ever-changing and (as one of you has said) he's like Evolution Anthropomorphised.

In short, testing the same thing so many times is making it less reliable each time. Because he's adapting to it. Of course he is, that what he does.

If you simply have to test shit, test new things. Odd things. Different manners of testing. But by doing the same thing, he's just going to get used to it.

In other news....

Reach, HULK's across the road. I'm keeping an eye on him through the reflective counter. The doorman can't let him through through. I think he took the other set of keys from my last hotel too, so we should move. Again. Urgh. And we really do need to drive down to The Dark Place again before leaving for you-know-where.

We need to know what happened there.

Urgh. I need some asprin.


Debating whether or not to go back to The Dark Place.

Urgh. We both seem to be coming up with reasons for both sides of the argument.....

Gah. I need food. I'll go downstairs to the buffet and think about other things, like the fact that we're going to have to take a four hour drive at some point and some other things are just weighing on my mind.

You seen EverymanHYBRID's new thing? Candle Cove all over again. And they've been knocked out and bled.

Oh god I hate this thing. Jeff's family, Reach's daughter....Cyndia....Mum still hasn't phoned me back and the number is apparently unavailable, she hasn't even posted on the blog....

Bathazar still really doesn't like Reach, but he's not leaping for his neck ever time I turn away now at least. Reach's superhuman healing is one of the most interesting things I have ever witnessed, seriously, I may buy a notebook just to document it....

And I really, really want to know why HULK only went for me on that hill. I have my Theories....but I want to know.

Food first.

Catch you on the flip side,

The Scientist


Yes, yes, yes, yes, NOW I can tell them what the hell went down.


I hope you're getting this bitch-stare.


I've still got leaves in my hair and gravel in my shoulder, Reach.

But yeah thanks shut up.

Tootling about in the café, go out back to feed Balth and BOOM, comment on my blog from my travelling companion.

SO yeah, bolt out front to the car yadda yadda (I really wish I brought a Ford Cortina now...I coulda slid across the bonnet or something.)

Reach tells me what the hell is going on when we're bombing down a street at probably illegal speeds.

A child sacrifice altar.

Ohohohohohooooo, part of me was screaming bloody murder, part of me was miffed that I didn't find anything on child sacrifice in Ireland AT ALL. ¬_¬

But this is all beside the point. The fact is, there was obviously something there. SOMETHING that we could have gotten to and SOMETHING that could have probably helped had the fucking HULK not materialised out of THE FUCKING THIN AIR LIKE HARRY MOTHERFUCKING POTTER.

Of course, my first thought was "Oh shit, he's going for Reach and then I'm fucked."

First thought of his was probably, "HULK ANGRY. HULK KILL GIRL." Or something equally retarded, didn't look like the brightest bulb in the kitchen lighting.

And then I was tumbling down the hill we'd just spent ten minutes hiking up.

Reach, you jerk, I've still got grazes and shit you asdghfgjhk

Yeah, thanks for saving my life that time >_> No. I'm not saying it out loud.

So I was stopped by a nice rock that saw my plight and set himself in my way to slow me to a lovely gentle stop.

By which I mean the air woofed out of me the second that bastard slammed into my back. So I was coughing and hacking and wheezing and self-pitying before I remembered just why I had been rolling.

Reach and HULK (who I now know to be 'Slate' but I'm going to continue with my nickname) beating the ever-loving shit out of eachother as they rolled down the hill. I nearly fucking screamed when I saw it before I remembered that Reach can heal and ohgodheadsarenotsupposedtobendthatway but he'll be fine and oh god is that bone?!

I repeat my earlier statement.

Fucking glad I'm armed. Balth may have been asleep in the car, but I had my Tazer, like a good little sociopath.

I just saw red like that time with Tuxedo Shit and started swearing. Ahahahahahaha I know words that even you don't, Reach, my friend.

Oooh, my aim isn't quite as fucked as it should be, I got HULK in the neck. (Would have been piss-hard to miss, he's like a fucking house.) And of course, that side I was lamenting only being able to use on Redlight came back and I started cackling like a mad person as he spazzed out and fucking screamed like a bitch while I was literally trying to fucking tear him to pieces with words.

Women do not need to slap the stupid, not when our tongues are razor sharp.

And then HULK ripped the Tazer trails out of him and tried to lunge for me again but Reach got him with his own Tazer.

In the face.


And then he vanished again.

Fucking magical shithead. I was just having fun.

And then I hooked Reach's arm around my neck and actually got to drive my own damn car for a change.

Got the most KNOWING looks from the hotel staff. (Obviously thought I was helping my drunk boyfriend up to 'our' room.)

And then it was just a few solid hours of really weird creaking noises as Reach's leg healed itself and silent speculation.




So yeah. I'm tired and kinda smug and kinda OHFINE REACH, THANK YOU. THERE. I SAID IT OUT LOUD TOO OH DON'T GIVE ME THAT LOOK.


Still, You saved my life, I...stopped you from fighting HULK til the wee hours.

So yeah. Go to Reach's blog for his side, cuz I know fuck all about some of the bits but I'm tired and exhausted and my mind needs to ruminate on so much shit that happened today, BLOGOSPHERE and IRL.

And ohgodJeff.

I'm so sorry, my friend.

You will be in my dreams. You and Cheska.

Catch you on the flip side,

The Scientist

Friday, 28 January 2011


I swear to god man, if you can actually take it, I'm buying you a drink.

And even if you can't, I'm buying it for you and then drinking it for you because god knows I miss my brandy.

I need a drink.

And time to recharge my Tazer.


It's been a lovely day of people not dying.

You stay classy, SLENDERSTALKED,

The Scientist

I fucking hate fucking cars and fucking traffic.

But I fucking love Malcom fucking Tucker.

Veoh's making this journey-thing all the more palatable........

Just a short update, nothing much going on yet.......

Except in our minds. Mine is on family issues and Reach's......well, I'm not going to pry this time.

And what's so urgent, Reach?

Catch you on the flip side,

The Scientist

Right, so...

Cuz Reach is being all...Reach-y and doing other stuff that he isn't "obligated to tell me" and I've just called a mind truce because, if I'm honest, I now have a vague degree of respect for the guy I fought some Proxies with last night and Balthazar isn't being as much of a snarly, bitey hellhound as he usually is when awake and near Reach.

So yeah, all's good. Ish. Urgh. I hate cafés now. Everyone's a suspect.




And because I've got dog fur in my nose, I'm sniffing and rubbing my nose and looking like a junkie, couple that with the shifty eyes and the iPhone....

Well, let's just say it's good I'm armed and have a dog.

Gonna break the news that we've got looong drive ahead of us....

I don't suppose I could drive the car this time? I don't want to die before reaching my target location....


Bad news in Cathy and Cyndia's Slendershit stalking. The girl's gone off with him and Cathy may/may not be dead.

I've got time now, so I'll go about posting on blogs for a while.

Catch you on the flip side,

The Scientist


Too much happening.

Update later.

Fucking iPhone needs charging.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Whiny little...

Call me a brat one more time, Reach, one more. I swear to god.


The microfiches I was flicking through...Well, I'll show you the copies, but for those of you not in the car right now:

Slenderman Sightings.

The copies I printed out have our Slenderbender in the background, like some creepy extra. He's near two schools that burnt down (killing seven children in the first, four and two teachers in the second) and three other places (Care-Home, Residential Housing.) The earliest one (the first school) is in....1937 and was unsolved the others were around the 70's and were attributed to the IR - bloody - A.

He's in each front page photo. But you have to REALLY look, I had to boost the contrast on a few of the older ones. WOW REACH, SOME OF THESE ARE AS OLD AS YOU!!


He's there. And we had to break into that place for me to find the exact photos...

Yes, he's definitely there. But no sightings since the late 70's. Not even on the Irish blogosphere. Which leads me to wonder why?

What significant change was there in Ireland at the end of the 70's that has nothing to do with the IR - fucking - A?

I wonder if it's because Bosco took over the role of freaking the shit out of Irish children and Slendy felt un-needed.

And Reach, urgh, I can't say this out loud so I'll say it here.

I'm sorry for...

Look. I'm shit with this emotional crap half the time so, just...take the other Tazer from the glovebox. You said electricity could kill Revenants, right? Urgh, god, just I'm sorry. But don't disappear on me again, please? I may be home, but I haven't been here for six years... I was actually scared for a moment or two.

ANYWAY, so I signed up for fighting through a barrage of Revenants, Proxies and possibly ole Slenderbender himself to get at a thing in a quarry?

Fan - tucking - fastic.

Well, good job I brought shit, right?

Catch you guys on the flip side,

The Scientist


Hnn. Onomatopoeia.
[1] The noise Spock makes when he can't be bothered to explain/argue.
[2] When coupled with wide-eyes and gibbering, it means that maybe the other person should shut up before they wake up on a tree with their colon where their windpipe should be.
[3] "Please, dear god, shut up."

There's been alot of "hnn'ing" recently and only two of those definitions have been fulfilled.

I woke up for a little while , heard Balthazar growling angrily and immediately bolted up, groping for the cricket bat, but then realised that I was just in the back of my car (con blanket. Thanks, I guess) and my baby was growling at Reach, still driving.

Not a word.

Commented on a few blogs, went back to sleep, woke up again when it was early. It takes about 20mins to Dublin in a straight line, so my guess is we stopped somewhere for a while (and judging by the fact that I was in the back seat, yes, yes we did stop somewhere) or Reach took some kind of all-about-the-houses route to throw anybody off. Eeeh. Obviously Reach read my comment, cuz he was +1 iPhone.

And so begins the first of the "hnn-a-thon's."

"Soooo...." I shuffle to sit upright as I take in the outside world and it's anti-climactic traffic jams. I make a mental note to check out how Tony's doing.

"Where are we going?" Well, at least one of us is to the point.


A look is shot. The look either says "No, really?!" or "And how many Libraries do you think are in Dublin, dipshit?"

"Shut up." Silence since I'm now searching on my phone and my baby's asleep. About two minutes and three inches forward later I snap my fingers, "Dublin National."

"That has only family and town documents." He frowns at me before quickly hurling the Land Rover into a space in the jam. I smack my head on the door and resolve to get back in the driving seat after this.

"And newspaper microfiches. Oh, yeah and I'm no Ben Gates, but we need to break into the R section of the Photo Arc's and I don't think you or I have a Library card."


After about two more minutes of silence I question-bomb Reach about Slenderbender and Remnants. "Hnn's" are exchanged several times.And then my piece de resistance:

"If you can't say what the thing in the quarry is or where said quarry would be, can you show it?"

I still don't have an answer. Damn fast-moving traffic after the lights. We park a way away from the Library and since it's about 3C at 8AM Reach doesn't look too out of place in all that gear. Still, both of us tensed when we had to pass through the trees.

Y'know, two years ago I would have just admired the architecture and the tasteful choice and layout for the trees, now I think that the Council did that purposefully to help him.


Anyway, good that I know how Libraries work from behind the scenes since I'm able to play the "Oh you must be shattered, I know how you feel, I'm worked terribly back in London..." To get the lady to give me the box of microfiches and then leave for a tea-break. In case you didn't know, microfiches are sometimes needed to be supervised because (and this has happened back in London,) sometimes people either steal them or scratch them up.

Yeah I can play a Responsible Young Adult...

Keyword, "play."

So I spent my morning skimming through several small boxes of microfiche and Reach spent the morning...doing Reach things. He just said he had his own shit to attend to...Eh.

Balthazar was asleep when I finished, I'd tied him to the fence out back, and after I'd printed what I found off I went back to the car and got out his travel bowls so he could eat and drink.

And when Reach came back he wouldn't tell me what the fuck.

And so I'm sitting in a traffic jam, having given up my keys again because we have places to get to quickly and I have said that I was willing to die for the cause before.

He'd better tell me what his stuff is soon cuz I've only got so many Ireland-Exclusive Theories to test and then it's on to helping him with whatever the hell it is I signed up for.

I think I've got issues with trust. "Yeah sure, I'll help the guy who Heel Face Turned without knowing what the hell, but I'll distrust small children while I'm at it."

Seriously mate, TUC? Have you never had Jacobs Cream Crackers? Earl's?

No sign of him or any lackeys just yet...


Shit, I just saw the date...I'm 18 already. Wonderful, I can legally get pissed in a bar now.

The Scientist

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Well...that was interesting.

Had to nut a Proxy/Hallowed/Agent in the head after staying too long at the Café I guess, feel a tad dizzy, but fine otherwise. Drove like thunder to the rendevous point considering it was time (I say 'time' I mean...about ten minutes late, sorry mate...)

Urgh. Reach drives like a fucking mentalist I swear to god, Mum,  I'm sorry for any damage to the car.

Still, had to laugh when I saw a blue Honda Civvy roll up. Hard to think that a Tesco carpark's the centre of a meeting between a Stupid Scientist and a Former Revenant...

Still, found out something amusing/bad.

Balthazar really really doesn't like Reach.

I swear, the second he stepped out of that car, about to say something aaannndddd....


Balthazar's growling and snapping and straining the leash and trying to get at him. I had to pull back on the leash quite a few times, I think if I hadn't had him since he was a puppy, he would not have listened to me.

So yeah, I've had to put my baby in the trunk (good that there's space, oh how I love you Land Rover...)

Not much to say really, I'm so damn tired I just said hi and threw the keys at Reach before collapsing in the passenger seat. We're on our way to Dublin from Dun Laoghaire, where we were.

I suppose I can now tell you how I got here.

Car Ferry, Like I said, but from Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire, NOT Liverpool to Dublin and since said city of my birth is so large, it does no harm to say that's where we're headed.

From our limited interaction I can surmise that Reach's courteous enough and hates dogs.

Ce la vié.

Sleep now, speak later. I'm sure Reach'll have shit to say over at his blog but I'm practically falling asleep right now.

Catch you on the flip side,

The Scientist

Is ANYONE aware of where Robert lives?

And/or close enough to get to him? Because I just punched my fist into the side of a skip after reading those two posts on White Elephants.

As for me, I'm alive. Brained a Proxy/Hallowed/Agent with a paint can, I think he's alive too though....I'm still touchy about taking another life. I'm going to have to get over that ASAP...

Currently in one of many many many cafés with wifi. Brownie's are nice, coffee's good...

Can't stop thinking about us all, what we're dealing with.....

For the first time I've realised that not everyone has Mum's and my attitude towards death/Slendershit....

If anything, Robert's hysteria just gives me more drive to find out as much as I can about Slendy/kill Redlight.

So tired....

On the move again, check in later.

The Scientist


Reception said there were Three sets of keys for each room, one set's missing from their log.

Gonna have to MR. Haven't done this since I was eleven.

Expect no updates til I find somewhere with wifi.

The Scientist

It's always amusing...

When you lead idiots on a wild goose chase. It appears that Proxies/Hallowed/Agents don't know that there are other docks leading to Ireland than just Liverpool.

Unfortunately, there was only one motorway, but I dealt with them.

Ferry ride was rough. I left so late it was early and arrived late too, so yeah, sucky. But there were no Proxies/Hallowed/Agents on board (just alot of shifty looking people, I swear, why would you wear Hawaiian shirts while going to Ireland?!)

So yeah, I'm at my hotel now, free wifi, free food, so that's good. I booked rooms and several different hotels so HAHAHA fuckers. All hotels have burly doormen though, so that's good. Looking through all the shit I bought with me, not alot space-wise, but quantity-wise....let's just say I'm glad that the Car Ferry has lax security. Being one of Slendy's thorns-in-his-side has given me a whole new outlook on minibars, y'know? I only see Molotov ingredients.

Good ole, Momma's influence.

Serena's fine now apparently, but Mum's going to keep her overnight for observation in case of relapse. She's stopped crying now too. Apparently chocolate's a cure-all.

To all of you thinking that Mum would actually physically drop her off at the police station. Nu-uh. No. No way-josé. The last thing we need is Mum in custody for kidnap or something. Or being questioned by the police.

We've got a plan, but I suppose that I'm a Runner now, so I can't say much, right?

Still got quite a while before meet-up, or I could be meeting now...


Good to be home though. I feel stronger than I ever did in London.

New Theory too, by the way.

Ireland, we are famous for magical little people and magic in general, makes me wonder about my stance on magic now, after Slendy...

I'll see what Reach says...

Not replying to most comments, trying to limit my internet consumption. I assure you, I read them all.

The Scientist

Help Her.

The girl is eleven. It's undoubtedly Slendershit. I'm not good with skeptical Mothers.

Serena's asleep.

The Ferry is bad.

The signal is shit too.

The Scientist

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Aha! Something actually relevant/interesting.

Serena's been awake fr a while apparently, I phoned home a while ago and yep, Vivi, Chester, pronoun use is non-existent. BUT, she's apparently expressing some (well-founded) urgency about returning to her parents. Mum said that she'll drop her off at the police station once she's fully in control of all her faculties.

So yeah, good news.

The Scientist
I just killed a cockroach with my hands...

Nuclear Holocaust < Ava

The Scientist

Let's Start A Song!!

400 green bottles, sitting on the wall,
400 green bottles, sitting on the wall,
And if one green bottle,
Should be taken off the the wall and used to glass the next person who tells me that the ferry is delayed,
There'll be 399 bottles, sitting on the wall.

The Pissed-Off Scientist


Inky, a good friend of mine, has been Taken somewhere. He's in a Log Cabin in the back end of Auz surrounded by dense forests. I realise that this is a REAL FUCKING STRETCH, but do ANY OF YOU know where there may be discarded/abandoned/ectectect Log Cabins in dense forest on hills? In Auz? PLEASE. I can't lose another family member this week. I think I'd go insane.

I'm currently in a Motorway Services on the Msomethingorother getting a bite to eat and letting Balthazar stretch his legs. We've been driving for about three/three and a half hours.

Good News, I'm going to make it on time for my ferry.

Bad News, I'm nearly 93.7% sure that the three girls at the table opposite mine are Proxys/Hallowed/Agents, because as far as I know, the Operator Symbol has yet to hit the mainstream as a cool new logo.

I'll be in Liverpool to catch the Car Ferry by 6PM and the Ferry'll take me four/five hours to reach Dublin and  I'll get to my booked hotel hour after that? Wait it out til the next day...

All in all, should take me eight(ish) hours from now and I've got to go they're looking at me weirdly and Balthazar is getting growly with them.

Catch you on the flip side,

The Scientist

Haven't checked any blogs yet and I'm so damn tired but still, Findings.

But I'm back.

Serena’s still asleep apparently, not sure if that’s just ten-year-old tiredness or something else, but I’m not there to see for myself, I’m currently posting from the University College Lab before I go home. No bus for me this time, Dr Cameron’s driving me home.


My Findings.

Well, first off, Dr Cameron is the most amazingly super-fantastic awesome lecturer I could have hoped for. I told her I was working on an extra-credit project and BOOM in.

I knew getting good grades with no social life would pay off in the long run.

Anyway, Findings.

  • Burning is the ONLY possible way to get rid of it. It can’t be cut, stabbed, poked, prodded, or physically harmed in any manner.
  • It reacts in a violent exothermic reaction when in contact with water. Highly similar to pure Sodium.
  • Highly flammable, gives off a smell like petrol (need Vivi and Chester’s back-up/feedback on this one considering Dr Cameron remarked that the room smelt like vanilla) when burnt.
  • Seems to have a very VERY low degree of separate sentience, it moved once or twice, but only when I wasn’t looking at it. Quantum-Locked maybe? Very Weeping Angels.
  • Tests positive for cyanide, low-levels though.
  • Litmus test shows that it has a PH Value of 11.5, HIGHLY Alkaline substance, it seems.
  • When part of a High-Velocity-Impact it explodes upon contact in a manner similar to firecrackers, eg, loud ‘pop’ and a small flash-bang. Acrid-smelling smoke is left behind.
  • Virtually impossible to determine what it’s Elemental Compounds are, it just doesn’t react to normal (and a few not-so-normal) tests. So I’m reduced to guesswork. Sodium maybe, possible Potassium Cyanide, possible Petroleum. Or it’s just a wholly other-worldly substance with no rhyme or reason.
  • When heated slowly, it melts to a thin liquid at about 230C, when heated quickly it explodes.
  • When cooled slowly it freezes at about -27C, when cooled quickly it explodes.
  • In running with Robert’s findings on Slendy’s ‘blood,’ it’s a good electrical conductor and a good magnetic conductor. If I had to pin a term to it, I’d say that it’s a form of Plasma. Not Blood-Plasma though, Sublimed-Plasma.
  • Not in keeping with Will's findings, it's flammable as mentioned, but I have yet to find out if there was any form of chemical reaction inside the girl to make it so combustible.
  • Incidentally, the substance sublimes at about 5C, hence it’s form as a Solid in our temperatures.

That’s all I know so far, folks. I’ll try to organise what this may mean when I get home after a nice, strong coffee and checking-up on Serena. I’ve left a few slides to take on the Iodine enough for Microscopic Analysis and a few Culture Dishes are in the ‘cooker’ overnight. I’ll have to get Mum to check on them tomorrow...

Haven’t seen him all day and neither has Mum. The dogs seem calm too, so he definitely isn’t at home.

I'm leaving for Dublin about half an hour after I get home, it'll be nice to be back in the Homeland after so long, but I'm not going to be there for nostalgic reasons. Reach needs help over there and thinks we're close to something, I'm close by and majorly pissed that the place where I was born and my parents were born and their parents were born and ectectect is getting overrun with freaks and fuckwits. I'll be taking Balthazar and a few other things that shall be vaguely hard to get past Security unless I play it off and some kid's toy or something, but the cricket bat is just a cricket bat (after I scrubbed all the blood off.)

Gotta go, Dr Cameron’s calling.

Catch you on the flip side,

The Scientist

Thank you, Jeff, Cheska.

Urgh dear lord.

Staying awake all night to keep an eye on Serena, that’s her name you know, Serena Casta. And how did I find this out?

Her parents on the news, begging for the person who took their child to give her back unharmed, the Mother was bawling her eyes out and the Father was obviously putting on his stoicism. I could just tell what they were thinking had happened to her and it made me cringe horribly. I had to force-feed her some cough medicine so that she would sleep for eight straight hours without trying to gut us with her tiny fingernails or rip our throats out with her teeth. The lion face-paint really means something different while the wearer is snapping at your jugular. I had to cuff her hands to the bedpost so that she wouldn’t hurt us or herself.

And no, you don’t get to know why I have a pair of furry handcuffs.

And then there’s the brown box on my doorstep at 5:30AM post.

Jeffrey, Francesca (I hope I spelt your name right;) thank you.

I woke Mum up about an hour ago (and Tony, she’s really pissed at you) so that she could take over the watch, apparently while I opened the door to get the package he was at the window. Lovely. The most I can say after I deadbolted the door again and went back to my room (now some kind of Detainee Quarters) is that I’m lucky I have stoners as classmates. I know how to use a syringe and tourniquet.

Of course, I found out another thing about myself last night: I’m a victim of Bad Timing all over the shop.

Because that’s when the kid had to wake up and see me wiping down a section of her arm with the steriliser and with a syringe full of  a thick, red liquid in my other hand.

Screamed the fucking house down, well, tried to. Mum clamped a hand over her mouth before she could do too much to alert the neighbours but she obviously bit Mum’s hand when she did so.

After injecting all 10cc‘s of the liquid directly into a vein, she just writhed around like the girl in the Exorcist for a while before coughing violently. Mum and I had to un-cuff her an re-cuff her to the radiator so that she could be vertical and not choke. Mum bandaged Serena’s arm nicely (she’s really good at that. I suppose she’s just really good with her hands, dexterity is certainly not one of my strong points and I wouldn‘t be able to do all that fiddly work with motherboards and soldering.)

Serena’s reaction was similar to Kaylee’s back when Vivi and Chester had to inject her with the same liquid. After about an hour/hour and a half, she started coughing up black goo, almost tar-like in it’s consistency and horking it up onto my carpet so Mum had to go get a bucket for her to throw up into. It took her about six hours to stop hacking, which is good in a manner because she looked so fragile with all that heavy-smoker’s coughing.

I burnt the goo in the bathroom (good ventilation) but collected several samples. They’re in a few of the virgin plastic jars I keep around for *cough* jam-making */cough.* I can test it in the University College Lab today, or split it in two and send half of it to you, Jeff, Cheska? So far I’ve observed that it’s HIGHLY flammable, if the way it went up in flames is any indicator. And it’s contact with water seems to be unfavourable too, considering it seems to react in the manner of Sodium and Water. IE, explosion/flames/the-whole-shebang. I’m wondering if it can be used as a weapon? Bomb maybe? Could it hurt him? How did it get in Serena? Is that how he controls them? Is the goo like a parasite, sapping their energy? Their will? Or are the Proxies/Hallowed/Agents just playing unfortunate hosts to this goo that uses them as a puppet?

So many Theories, so little time…

She’s asleep against the radiator at the moment, I guess all that retching took it out of her so I’ll leave her for now. Mum’s with her and she’s better with ill children than I am.

Fed the dogs.

Cleaned up the guts from the back garden and the buried the corpses.

No sign of the freak.

I’m itching to test this substance today, so I’ll be leaving for college early and coming back late, don’t fret if I don’t reply super-fast. I’ll only take half with me for the moment, if Jeff and Cheska don’t want the other half, I’ll test that too, but I don‘t see the need for so much, that girl had a lot of it in her.

I just want to make a note of all the things I wore while burning/handling the goo so you don’t have any gaps in your current knowledge:

Mask - left over from the Swine-Flu outbreak.
Washing-Up gloves.
Goggles - I always knew that Chemistry set would come in handy some day.
Apron - obviously.

I suppose it’s good my hair’s so short now, I didn’t have to tie it back…

I’ll also mention that I’m now a member of the “Keeper’s Alliance” and “The Isabel Initiative”.  The Keeper’s Alliance is made of those of us who research/test Slendy AND have gone face-to-no-face with him, we figure shit out and pass the knowledge onto the rest of the Isabel Initiative, who wish to fight Slendy with well-researched methods.

I’ve even got a nice, shiny title to go with my nice, shiny name.

Catch you on the flip side,

The Scientist

Monday, 24 January 2011

Right. Something far more important.

Before you think I'm some kind of sociopath for not mentioning this BEFORE the last post, I'd hasten to add that Mum got her hands on some kind of Mood-Stabilisers and I'm not sure if it was the legal way. So I'm kinda neutral about everything right now.

Didn't stop me from jumping out of my fucking skin when Slendy was right behind me.

On my way home, after getting off the bus, obviously, I had to walk past the wasteland that I saw him on first...urgh, suppressing a shudder of revulsion.

He was there, of course, why wouldn't he be? It's night-time and I'm walking down a street, alone. But I just kept walking (briskly I might add, apparently running makes him chase you? I read that somewhere) and glancing over my shoulder once or twice when he was just suddenly there behind me. So close, so close he could have touched my hair with his new arms (or y'know, killed me) and I yelped. I believe my exact words were "Bloody-Buggering-Bastard-Hell-Fuck" or something to that effect. And he just stood there. Not doing anything, I swear, he could have been a doll or a shop window mannequin for all his activity in that moment, I'd frozen too, because the "What to do if a Bear attacks you" was in my head, but I was only listening to the whole "NO SUDDEN MOVEMENTS" part of my brain that was screeching at me to not freak him out, like he's a spooked horse or something.

And I started humming quietly to myself and getting a grip on my house keys (or more accurately, making them so I could possibly stab him maybe? I wasn't exactly thinking straight) and his head did that 90 degree cock to the left that's nauseating and fucking scary at the same time before I remembered that this was exactly what I had planned on doing sometime and exactly what I was so fucking scared of testing before.

So I pulled a Madluin.

And it was stupid and reckless but you guys should really know by now that for all my book-smarts, I'm actually really really stupid.

I stuck an Operator Symbol on his face.

Well, I say face I mean lower-chin because I'm only so tall and he's a motherfucking giant.

I made this tiny sheet of sticky Operator Symbols the day after contacting M to ask him what effects he had observed coming from Slendy after putting up an Operator Symbol. I researched the cache of Robert's work on luring Slendy into an Operator Symbol of his own blood (which quite frankly, is the insanest thing I've ever heard and is actually retardedly awesome) and after Thage told me to contact Maduin I researched his blog and found out that if you discarded every single survival instinct out there and stuck a human-face mask on Slendy's face, he starts going on some kind of existential fritz (again, Maduin, fucking crazy awesome retarded brilliance right there) and jangled my keys so that I could get one out from my pocket before lunging and then fucking fleeing back about two meters.

I can only report findings similar to Maduin's, possibly less potent due to the fact that he's already familiar with Operator Symbols and not with crazy awesome retarded guys shoving face-masks onto him (existential fritz, losing shape and form slightly, like a flickering lightbulb really) but if Slendy does have full sentient thought, I really don't think he was expecting that.

Hell, I fucking wasn't expecting that.

But I bolted anyway, not caring because I was only a few centimetres from my house and literally fell through the door before deadbolting it again.

I didn't throw up though, which was good I suppose. My body's getting used to my fuckwit tendencies.

I should probably note that Theory Four but there's something worse and far more important that both Mum and I feel is just too much.

We got another Proxy/Hallowed/Agent today.

But she's just a little kid.

She's, like, ten years old and she's got her face painted like a lion, Mum thinks he could have taken her from the Circus/Carnival down at Figges Marsh and that's why she's got her face painted.

We can't do anything to her, that bastard knows. He knows that had she been older, Mum and I wouldn't have even had a second thought but she's tiny I swear to god. She's just as tall as my hips and she this little blonde thing with her hair in pigtails and apparently when Mum saw her on our doorstep while I was at college, the kid had candyfloss on a cane.

Her parents must be fucking bouncing off walls.

But when Mum answered the door, the girl said about how she was going to feed her hungry friend and pointed to Slendershit down the road before the girl tried to stab Mum.

Let your mind wrap round that, because mine can't.


Of course, she's tiny and Mum apparently got the knife of her really easily, but still...

And that's why we have a small blonde child locked in my room, knocked out with the same dilute I used on Mum last night. (Mum took it off me for unvocalised reasons O///O)

She's TEN.

The thing knows no bounds.

Does anyone know how to Un-Proxy/Hallow/Agent someone? At all? Because we aren't killing a kid and we aren't leaving her for him and we can't give her pack to her parents, even if we knew who they were.


I think this warrants a post.

I've been getting into contact with alot of recently Slenderstalked people, hunting down their blogs for extra research, and they've all pretty much said the same thing at a point.

"I thought I was alone."

And then they've gone on to say varying things about feeling uncomfortable around the rest of us who are already being Slenderstalked.

And I'm just going to make this post here and link the newer guys and gals to it when they say it next.

We are all family in a manner. Seriously.

Okay, fine, it's the single most danger-prone, probably-fatal, dysfunctional, sappy-sometimes, bitchy-othertimes, awesome-alltimes family out there, but it's all most of us have got.

So yeah.

And when some of you die, and you've got to understand this, new guys, we tend to drop like flies round here sometimes, but back-on-track, when some of you die, it's terrible. I get choked up, I hate it, it makes me closer to just ripping Slendy's throat out with my teeth and damn the consequences.


Just ignore this if you've already heard me rant about this, I'm posting something far more important next, but this just hit me and wouldn't let me go. But seriously people, new and old, I love ya. Honestly. Like siblings.

Even if a few of you piss me off no end and some of you make me want to slap you with a fish, I still love you.

Yes, Slenderman. I can see you there, you're not exactly hiding you know,  you have teh brains of a slug, always hiding in the bushes. do you want some lettece? You should have known better than to think the daughter of aa computer tech couldn;t touch-type. I wonder if you are like a Carrionite humm> Maybe if I find your real name you;d expolde more than your arms. Do yui even have a real name, or are you as nameless as you are faceless? What will happen whenI try out Theory Four? Are you scared? do you feel emotion? even if you don't are you curious? I know i am. how do you feel without your proxy/hallowed/agent around? are you just going to recruit another? of course you are. I don't care. you've changed me. you killed a part of me, but you can't kill all of me and that's a promise. just keep your non-eyes on me you prick, of course mother is in the same house as me still, she hasn't gone to the shops with two of the doogs, nowway not at all so just keep staring you freak. do you read the newspapers? probably not, you;re illiterate, remember? the park burnt down and there was no body/ what did you do with it? eat it? move it/ burn it> i killed your trees and do you hate me for it? do you hate me in the first place to try this or do you hate yourself? if you are sustained by thought and you kill those that think of you are you suicidal? of course not, because then you'd let us kill you so you'r just a mirderer. i am too, but you did that and he doesnt count as a life. or maybe he did and i should hope for his soul oh hello your very close all of a sudden just how do you move that fast I know why you killed my cats you know. you did it because I  exploded your humanoid arms and i made you tentacly again you shouldn't be ashamed of your body image you know. yuo're already anorexic, don;t ad body dismorphis to that list. maybe you're a teenage girl. bad news for you, i've beaten up more than one teenage girl and your no different oh and now youre far away again, inspetinginspecting hector inspector that's a poem right? I read about it once i thik. Did you know I loved poetry when I was younger? I'm secretly a total romantic slendy you know, bring me flowers and I might let you in. Passionflowers though, if you give me roses I may have to strngle you with your tie because i hate roses. and I have to go to college today and walk home in the dark you're going to love that right because there's  no way i can get out of it so I'll just have to go into a superfulous college lesson with a harridan of a woman all because my attendace is low and i wonder who made that happen hmm so now i have to walk home in the dark in four hours oh lovely this should be thrilling shouldn't it i simply can't wait for our date het you wanna kill someone go kill james bardley he smashed a pole in my face when i was 12 and fractured my skull down the middle and good your still staring at me because mum is entering through the garden back door with the dogs and you havent seen her so ha fucking ha you loser. what's up with that suit anyway what is it? Primark? something cheap. you stole my earring to you kleptomaniac so lets list of what youve got. anorexia, body dismopfia, androphonimaniac, kleptomania, and som oher shit i can't be arsed to type so i'll keep writing and you'll keep staring and we'll do this alllllll afternoon until i have to leave and you'll follow me onhte bus and you''l follow em at college and you'll follow me back in the dark and i'll shock you with my next Theory because i've taken the best from Madluin  and M and cmobined them and i can't wait to see yur nonface and this new woman on CIS:NY a real mary-sue i mean come on all these guys are faling over for her I swear sid just gawped at her in awe i mean come on please and hhave you watch top gear recently because james has a wierd haircut but still find him hilarious. oh good mum's in the front room now ahahahahaha you really doon't like it when she yealls at you riht?

I suppose I'd better tell you,

Hmm, this is late. I apologise. I fell asleep. I’m still vaguely illiterate, so forgive any spelling mistakes or something. Mum is basically holding a metaphorical gun to my head to write this after I told her what happened.

You try looking outside your bedroom window at a beautiful sunset and then realising that there are three cats impaled oddly on the wooden fence in front of your window. Your cats. That have been yours for 11 years. And then looking a little further over to see that their guts are all over your lawn and in the shape of a circle with an 'x' in it.

You try looking at the note coming from the oldest cat's belly which says that "AnD you know just who's goIng to bE prettying up your garden next." In writing that looks like it belongs to a five-year-old with Operator Symbols all over the fucking shop and with shitty Capitalisation Code. Spastic, didn‘t even ‘Code‘ anything more than one syllable.

He even wrote “Your Mother” on the back in blood, as if I was a retard.

I didn’t so much ‘snap’ as ‘turn feral.’

Soooooo, I fetched Mother’s Acid Grenades, because they have a pin and that doesn’t seem like a Bomb to me, I even got my old cricket bat for good measure and I had to bring my messenger bag because walking around London with Grenades is generally frowned upon, even if it is almost nighttime. I had to knock out my Mum though…diluted chloroform kept her out of it for about two hours I hope. I locked her in the safest room and put all the dogs in it so she’d be fine.

And I went to the Park.


And Tuxedo Fuckwit was just laughing and laughing and laughing and then he ran at me really suddenly so I head butted him in the nose and it broke.

And he started screaming “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?! DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I SERVE?! DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!” Over and over and over and I just got so pissed off that I smashed his head with the cricket bat and screamed that it wasn’t a game of “Who the fuck you are.” And that his Master was “Perfectly ‘armless.” And I started laughing and laughing and laughing and then he punched me in the face and held my head to the ground while he tired to stab me but I bucked him off me but he kept his hand in my hair and then cut my face but I bit his hand and got up before he stabbed me in the right thigh with the knife I’d stabbed him with earlier and I fell and he went to stab me again and I moved out of the way of the first but I was still on the ground and when he went to stab me again I tried to move but I couldn’t so I grabbed a Grenade from my bag and shoved it down his jeans and tried to scrabble away and I just started laughing again once it went off because his scream was DELICIOUS.

And he was on the ground in the foetal position with his groin bleeding and I was just LAUGHING like a mad person and  then he tried to stab me again and I just STOPPED laughing and started beating on him with the cricket bat and I just ZONED on the fucker and when I stopped he wasn’t moving anymore and I was covered in blood and I threw up because you could see his bones through the flesh and mess and then he MOVED and tried to grab my ankle and I shoved a Grenade in his mouth and ran away and it set a tree on fire and my hair was caught in a tree and I had to pull some of my hair out but some of my hair is burnt off and I ran again and when I looked back three more trees were on fire and that NON-VISAGE BASTARD was there above Tuxedo’s body and I just ran without looking back.

I ran all the way home and he wasn’t there at all.

I got home and I thought that the reason I didn’t see him on the way home was because he did something to Mum and just seeing her alive I felt so tired all of a sudden and just felt better that she wasn’t dead and that guy didn’t get her like he said he would and I just started thinking ohgodikilledaman but Mum was alive so it was worth it and when I went to the back garden the guts were still there and I got so pissed that I screamed out of the door and then collapsed in bed and when I woke up I had to take a shower because there were guts on me and the blood had dried and I found a tooth in my hair and Mum bandaged my thigh but she‘s alive so that‘s good and I‘ve got a bald patch where I had to pull my hair out.

I’m going to throw up again.


I just read through Mum’s thing and all the comments and OH GOD TONY SERIOUSLY, like hell you’d hit me, Mum’d punch your lights out.

Frap, well, I’m sorry, but I’m not going to contest my Mum’s words but I am sorry if you were offended.

I apologise wholly if any of you feel like I let you down by snapping, but just because I’m good at emotionally detaching myself from most things, I’m still human. My cats were grotesquely fucked up and he threatened my Mum. I know for a fact she’d do the same thing in my place.

But I’m myself again and I’m back to my Theories and Mum and I have reached the decision that we’re going to die of Cancer just to fuck Slendy over.

But we’ve still got a back-up plan and I’ll leave the instructions to one of you nearer the time when I think it’s going to happen.

I love you all, so very much. You all need to live and I pledge my life and my sanity to doing so.

I changed today, in the same way that OC changed a few days ago in the same way that so many of us changed the first time we saw him and the first time we had to deal with a Proxy/Hallowed/Agent.

I’m no Big Damn Hero, but I’m a Scientist and I’ll do my level best and more to find out a way to bring that fucker down.

Catch you on the flip side,


Sunday, 23 January 2011


She's back, she unlocked the door, dropped the cricket bat in the hallway, walked off into the kitchen, opened the backdoor and just screamed:


I don;'t think I'm giving her look much justice. She looks...

She's literally covered in blood and viscera and her hair used to be at her back and now it's uneven and shoulder-length, I swear a clump is missing. She smells terrible, like burnt hair and chicken and sweat, she's got cuts and grazes and she just shot me a look of pure weariness and I think I know what she did but I'll let her tell me herself.

She looks so tired.

But she's alive.

And I think the other guy came out worse.

Ava's Missing.

Ava's missing.

She just stormed into the Guestroom, which I told her not to enter and screamed at me when I tried to stop her from leaving. I screamed back but she'd already knocked me out with some kind of spraycan (I knew I shouldn't have let her order shit over the internet) and locked me in the front room with all the dogs. I'm using the main computer and I just checked over her last post.

I haven't looked outside yet, but at least I now know why she was so angry. I thought He'd possessed her, He can do that, right?

Ava, baby if you're reading this, come home honey, please. I know what you took from the Guestroom and it won't work on Him. You know that! Sweetheart, please, you have to come home!

Please don't die, honey.

He killed them. He killed my fucking cats. Gutted, with their entrails all over the back garden lawn. In the shape of the fucking Operator Symbol.

It was either the shittest cosplayer or Slenderfucker.

Oh it's on, bitch.


First off, I'd like to make two points.

We lost someone amazing yesterday (to me, to you, judging on timezones it's still yesterday) Fizzbomb.

But, she went out fighting, like the strong-willed bitch she really was. I bet she beat more than one Proxy/Hallowed/Agent to death and Slendy himself should have had the shits put up him.

Secondly, please, I'm actually begging you, DO NOT TRY THE ELECTROGATE FOR YOURSELF.

There are a few reasons for this, first off, Mum and I are the only ones with the true knowledge of what happened and how. Secondly, as Thage said, he could become immune. That's why we're refraining from testing the same thing again so closely together. I'd only, only, only recommend it if you're in those last stages. If you're SURE that he's going to kill you next time, not just stalk you.

And now onto: Ava's Adventures In Science!!

By which I mean I made cake today.



Remember my frantic post on Scott’s blog? The one in ALL CAPS? I thought I had Slendy at the window?


Not him. A Proxy/Hallowed/Agent wearing a Phantom Of The Opera mask and suit. I just call him Tuxedo Mask because like hell I’m likening him to the brilliant Erik.

So he’s just been hanging around our front lawn and since our street is quiet, no-one really saw him.

Okay, maybe the fact he was in a tree helped camouflage him from the postman.

And then I got the munchies and Mum wondered what happened to all our scones so I said I'd bake something.

Coffee Cake, of course. But Tuxedo Mask decided that he'd stand at the very back of our garden and glare at me through the kitchen window so I just tied my hair up and started making said cake because it would have been pointless for me to close the curtains on a human rather than an Eldritch Abomination.

And once I'd finished the cake it was beginning to rain and he was still at the back of the garden and I'm still slightly stoned from the painkillers and I've got faith in the whole Power Of Kindness so I sliced the cake and got a disposable plate from our picnic set...

And got Balthazar just in case.

Opened the backdoor and he starts running at me, so I just let go of Balthazar's leash and he goes for Tuxedo Mask's throat and I've got a grip on my can of (illegal over here) mace.

So he starts screaming that he's going to either kill us or take us to him or something and Balthazar basically steals his mask and starts galloping about the garden with it, like it's his frisbee. Of course, I'm trying not to laugh or freak out because Tuxedo Mask's face is scarred and I realise why (A) he's at our house and (B) why he's dressed like that.

Because he's the guy that Mum smashed the oil lamp into.

And I start laughing hysterically and Balthazar starts chewing the plastic mask and he's pissed as hell so he goes for me again and I have to stab him in the leg with the knife I used to cut the cake.

And then I just give the guy the cake and call Bathazar back home, con mask as I leave Tuxedo Sin-Mask on our lawn with his leg bleeding and with some steadily-getting-wet cake.

I'm just sitting here, in the kitchen, eating a sandwich and staring out of the window infront of me as he glares at me still. He ate the cake about an hour after I gave it to him.

And yeahyeahyeah, "Why'd you give him cake, Ava, ya dumb broad? He's trying to kill you!"

Well, I'm still human, OC had to kill a Proxy/Agent/Hallowed the other day and he's pretty torn up about it. I suppose it's more about the fact that I can take attacking/killing/torturing that BASTARD thing, but this guy's a human and he doesn't know what he's doing, not really. For all I know, he's doing this to save one of his own family.

When did I get so empathic and sympathetic?

Oh! He's just run off down the alleyway next to our house.

I really suppose I should have told him it was full of laxatives.

There's some kind of dog painkiller in there too...I think there was some flea medicine in there too.

Oh, wait, nope, I'm still a bitch.


Saturday, 22 January 2011


I apologise for the lack of posting when I said I'd be right back, but I just threw all my new knowledge into the Detector.


I went to our Local Library, not the one I work at, that's too far away. But the one nearby has the same security gates as Kingston's. I took Genesis and Leviticus (You know, I'm just going to call them Jen and Levi because those names are ridiculous, and this is coming from the girl named Avalesca with the dog called Balthazar,) and my messenger bag full of shit.

Dogs are allowed inside several 'Community Libraries' and there was a petition a while back, so this one is a Community ones too.

Barely any actual people in the Library, just another poor assistant that I can relate to on so many levels, that dead-eyed look that comes with the job seems to be universal. I asked him if he could find me 'Atlas Shrugged,' and considering that the local Library is mainly a Hindi/Urdu Library it sent him into storage.

And then I started taunting.

I'm fucking insane. I said I wouldn't go out of this as a gibbering moron, but what if I was a gibbering moron beforehand? A gibbering moron hiding behind an intelligent girl?

By 'taunting' I mean, 'swearing like my Momma taught me.'

So after about three minutes of "COME ON YOU SKINNY MOTHERFUCKER. I BET YOU'RE FUCKING ILLITERATE, YOU INBRED SONOVA---" Cue sudden freezing as I suddenly see him. It's hard to explain the way he appeared, like he just turned on his heel and was there. Like he was 2D and I wasn't looking at him from the right angle. So yeah, I almost bottled it and shat my pants at the same time, but Jen started growling and Levi just stood like he was being threatened, which I suppose he was.

So he's about...two meters in front of me? And I now have the choice of which theory I was going to test, if I could just stop whimpering for a moment and stop feeling like I was going to throw up with fear.

And I took about four steps back and forced myself to grin at him (which probably looked as much of a grimace as it felt) and started pulling back on the dog's collars so they stepped back a little way too (though Jen seems to be super-protective of people) and my mind was basically going comeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeon so fast it was all one word because my inner mantra was literally begging him to just take that one step forwards so I could see. And no, at the very point in time, I wasn't thinking about what would happen if my Theory failed, I may have had a back-up plan on my person, but my mind was hmm let's think preoccupied?!

And he stepped the slightest forwards because smiling at him seems to piss him off more than Jews do Nazis.

Electromagnetic Theory?

Still fucking in the works, bitches. I'm trying to think of a way to explain it, it wasn't that he was hurt or anything, but it was oh god,I'm going to have to explain this in scientific terms and then tone it down.

The gate only has about 50 milli-gauss worth of Electromagnetic energy running through it at any one point, just so it can scan your books and make sure you're not being naughty and not returning them. Electric fields and magnetic fields are wholly proportional to each other. An electric field that is changing will affect (and change) the magnetic field and vice versa. Neither field can exist without the other playing a role in the balance of itself

And Robert said that he was a good Conductor.

And Conductors change Electricity from one place to another.

And that can't happen without a change in the Magnetics too.

So 50 milli-gauss shot up to about triple that I'd say, considering his size. 150 milli-gauss. Nausea, paranoia, depression, dizziness, anxiety, headaches; people report these things after being exposed to 50 for 12 hours, one thing exposed to triple that for 60 seconds seems to initiate some kind of "Conservation Of Energy" law in action.

Energy cannot be CREATED or DESTROYED.

Energy is in EVERYTHING.

Energy is only TRANSFERRED or CHANGED into another form of energy.

You couldn't jack up the Electromagnetic field to 150 from nowhere, so where did the energy to do so come from?

If you guessed him, correctamundo.

I think he uses some of his energy to control his form, so he looks vaguely human and having that small section of energy moved from him and into the gates. His ARMS EXPLODED.

Not in an 'ooh-horror-movie-there-was-gore-everywhere-and-it-hurt-him' but in an 'ohmygod-his-arms-house-tentacles.' Kinda way. I can only liken it to, when you were a kid and put empty kitchen rolls on your arms to pretend to be a robot (and fuck you if you're laughing. Childhood was awesome.) Save his kitchen rolls look like human arms, and they can split open.

He stopped in his tracks when he passed between the gates and the gates hummed really loudly, like this one time at my Library when the generator was down and then the back-up one came on. Like, 'careful humming--silence--powering -up thrum.' And then his TWO arms exploded into RATHER ALOT of fucking thrashing tentacles. Bastard pulled out my left earring, so there was blood all over my ear and neck. Hurt like fucking thunder, I think I screamed.

Of course, then Jen and Levi started barking and growling like crazy and the assistant guy came back with the book. By the time I looked back at the gates he was gone and I had to make up some story about accidentally pulling out my own earring while trying to keep the dogs under control when he called a cab for me to go to A&E.

Awkward time in the waiting room of St Georges, two dogs, a girl with blood all down her neck from her earlobe and cackling madly as she thought about what had just happened. Hurt like hell, but the nurse gave me some hella strong painkillers. I'm taking half the dosage, at Mum's request. After all, if I'm knocked out with painkillers, anything could happen. So I'm just slightly stoned. And it's taken me ages to proof-read this thing, I misspelt my name about four times so far.

It didn't hurt him. But fuck if it stopped him in his tracks and possibly sent him running. Did he even know that's what would happen?

I knew that Electromagnetics would do SOMETHING. It's well documented that Paranormal Beings effect or are affected by the Electromagnetic fields around us...

I'm thrilled. And I'm still terrified as to my next Theory.

I love you all, I'm doing what I can. Please, I don't want anyone else trying this out. Mother and I are planning on dying of natural causes just to spite him, but we learn inbetween. And knowledge is power and power is what we need in this fight.

Don't fucking underestimate humans, Slendy, or I'll set my brand-new, home-made Electromagnet on you.

Mother suggested something useful for a another Theory and to be quite frank, I'll try it sooner than the Theory I'm scared of. No, you don't get to know what the scary Theory is, I don't want anyone trying to be a Hero and trying it themselves. Unless they too are dying anyways.

Strange, I haven't thought about our disease for about a year now, and now it's making me stronger?! Whut?!

I need to play around the with magnet now, Mum's on dinner duty this time and we've got precautions for if another Proxy/Hallowed/Agent rolls up.

Seeya round,


I've got a new Theory, it can't wait until tomorrow.

I'm taking two of the new dogs with me. They aren't trained, but it seems that all animals can sense his presence and my Detector isn't finished yet. Mum's working on the motherboard to the handset. God, it's useful to have a computer technician in the family.

Genesis and Leviticus, seriously, Mum? We're Atheists.

Be right back.


He's there.

Directly outside my window, 'staring' at me. I've let the three dogs I got today off their leash once I got indoors (and yes Mother, I have your can opener and no, I didn't go to the Synagogue in the end) went straight to the study and stopped dead. He was there, just standing in full-view of the window.

And because there are four great Danes in the house and my Mum, I bit back the nausea, thought that it wouldn't be best if I collapsed in fear and instead decided it would  be best to test the minor Theory Aimee and I came up with yesterday.

So, I glared at him and focussed all my energy on believing him to not be real.

Fairy Theory

Yeah, no, that doesn't work. It just pisses him off, he cocked his head about...90 degrees to the right? An impossible angle for something with the average amount of vertebrae in his neck, but there's nothing average about him is there?

So, after feeling seriously sick at that sight, I just started singing loudly to myself so I had a tether to sanity and walked closer to the window and closed the curtains.

I've still got a Theory to test concerning the Operator Symbol and, if I'm perfectly honest, the fact that I've already come to terms with my mortality doesn't even dampen the absolute fucking terror I'm feeling at knowing I'm going to have to pull this off.

I may not be Running to save my Mother, but I'm not getting her involved in some of my more risky Theories.

He hasn't killed us yet and I shall make sure he doesn't in the future.

He underestimates us and we shall fuck him up.

And Redlight?


Die in a fire.


I am perfectly fine, Mother.

But you know how the Dog Variable skews my findings. And by 'skews my findings' I mean, 'I'm not leaving you completely alone you berk.' <3

Anyway, it's not like I have a death wish, I'm coming home right now and I have three large,  barking things with me.

Next time I say. "I'm going down to Mitcham, don't think 'Synagogue,' think 'Pet Shop.'

Though, now that you bring it up, I think I may just check it out. It is Saturday after all.

Love you, be home soon~


I don't like this.

At all. I've told her about blogging just like I told her about Facebook but she defies me anyway.

I suppose in this instance I can excuse it.

My name is Daisee Delaney and yes, that's a stupid way to spell Daisy. My Daughter has given up on pestering me to post and instead threw her netbook at me and demanded I post. I don't think I'll be some kind of...regular contributor to this, Ava is the one who actually knows her way around this fecking thing anyway.

She told me about this 'meme' thing (and then proceeded to lecture me about Richard Dawkins coining the term before I finally had to shut her up by giving her coffee) that's in our lives. Slenderman? What kind of stupid name is that? Honestly. Couldn't you people think of something more imaginative? It doesn't matter now anyway, does it?

Right, the reason I'm posting, other than the fact that Ava made it seem imperative, is because she's gone out.

For a smart girl, she's really stupid.

But the note she left me obviously states that she's gone down to the local Synagogue, even though she hasn't done anything vaguely religious since I adopted her. It's probably to do with her 'Theories.' You can hear the capital letter when she talks about it...

She was right though, this is kind of theraputic to be writing all this stuff down. I haven't looked back over her blogs before she told me about Slenderman, so I think I'll do that next.

She hasn't taken the dog. I just realised, because Balthie just started barking, but she hasn't taken the dog. Why didn't she take the dog with her? She said the having the dog around protects you or freaks him out or something so why didn't she take the damn dog?!

Friday, 21 January 2011



proxy/agent/look whatever you call them,fucking decide on a word blogosphere, at the door. why ddid mum answer it? urgh. i need a break.

EDIT: Right, it's been about half an hour since I started this post and I'm actually fucking steady now.

My Mother is some kind of Knight in Shining Armor. There was a Proxy/Agent/Hallowed at the door when she answered it, I ventured into the hall at the sound of the door opening and my Mum threw a fucking lit oil lamp at him.

We have candles and oil lamps down the hallway and OHMYSWEETLORD I shall never regret telling my Mother about Slenderman. It may have been one of my most selfish moves of my life, but if she didn't know that Proxies/Hallowed/Agents would show up and if she didn't know that a guy saying "I will take you to him," wasn't just some drunk nutjob, we'd be dead or something. Balthazar started barking like fucking crazy and tried to rip the guy's arm off and Mum was just amazing.

I take back ever bad thing I've ever said about her.

I've never felt more ineffectual in my entire life though, I mean, I was 'armed' with two plates of pasta for dinner.

Proxies/Hallowed/Agents seem to be moving fast though, I've only had his attention for a little while...maybe he actually was around back in May...

Yeah, that guy isn't coming back.



He isn't around.

I'm not complaining, but it's odd. He doesn't usually show up and then bugger off again from other bloggers experience.

I'm on edge then.

Mum's been reading up on him since this afternoon and since it's already dark she's keeping all the lights and radios on while Balthazar almost patrols our home.

I love my Mother and my dog.


Short Post, New Theory.

The Antithesis Theory.

If Slendy came into being (or in Robert's POV, came over from the Other Side) due to our thoughts, can we pull over something to fight him?

He could be small-fry compared to some of the things over there.

If he's a purely Thoughtform being, well, we do have other thoughts you know. A Hero? Like Zero's hope, but in the form of not placing the title on someone, but making someone/thing to fit the title?

I need to think of a way to test this.


Told her.

And by that I mean, "Had A Yelling Match." It's taken me nigh on two hours of pure, undiluted yelling and showing (note: SHOWING not SHOUTING) on both sides for her to finally believe me. I showed her my diary, my log in a manner and I think that it would have taken longer had I not thrown up again and then gone back into the front room and pulled the curtains open in a fit of pique.

She saw him.

My Mum's a screamer.

We're getting more dogs tomorrow and keeping the cats indoors.

Be back soon.



Church Theory doesn’t work.

Dog Variable saved my life though.

At the end of my road there is a Catholic Church which my brief foray into State Education told me that it was built in the 1800’s as part of our ‘Local History’ class.

Yeah, he doesn’t care. He was just standing there, behind a Pew when I walked in. Well, I have to say, I really did freeze and start whimpering. Even if he was about 6 meters away from me, the only reason I didn’t have some kind of fatal cardiac arrest when he moved forwards was because Balthazar started barking and growling like he had rabies. He doesn’t like dogs it seems, he didn’t exactly run away (which was my desired outcome) but he did stop walking towards me, long enough for me to snap out of it and run like a mad person back home with Balthazar taking the lead (no pun intended.)

So yeah.

But, sitting here, in my study, with my coffee (I threw up again, coffee’s getting rid of the taste) and time to reflect, I’ve reached another Theory.

Synagogue Theory.

I was born and raised a Jew, maybe Church Theory didn’t work for me because I have no attachment to Catholicism? Of course, I consider myself a Transhumanist/Atheist more than a Jew, but I still have deep-seated roots in that religion, so who knows? My nearest Synagogue is only a little way past the Church, so I’ll pluck up the courage to do that at some point over the weekend.

I’d ask you, reading this, that you try it out for your own religions.

Mosque Theory?
Church Theory Redux?

…New thought, maybe Library Theory works for me because of my consideration that I am more Atheist/Transhumanist than Jew? Libraries are the Churches of the Godless, you know.

Over-Analysis. Another thing that a Scientist prides. Dad was a Scientist, he taught me all the vocab and procedures, how to perform a fair test ectectect.

Since this is technically a journal, allow me a paragraph of self-pitying angst please. If that isn’t your thing, skip to my conclusions.

Dad and Mum are dead, they died when I was twelve/thirteen due to Cancer. I miss them dearly. Dad went last. Dad was a Scientist (Psychobiologist), Mum was a Personal Assistant to the CEO of Weightwatchers. Mum had Breast Cancer, Dad had a Brain Tumour. Fuck, he hated it. He started losing his memory and control over his body and he loathed it, his brain was literally everything to him. You know, apart from Mum and I. Cancer is hereditary in my biological and foster family, so I’ll probably get it at some point in the far future. Hence my easy coming-to-terms-with-possible-death. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from the nervous nausea every time I see something that by no means should exist. Statistically speaking however, nothing is impossible because probabilities are measured in numbers and numbers are infinite, so nothing is impossible. Just highly, highly improbable.



  • Church Theory didn’t work for me. The Dog Variable saved my life by stalling him.
  • I have a heap of new Theories, Theories that sprang from another Theory of: Maybe Church Theory didn’t work for me because I’m not a Catholic? Maybe Synagogue Theory will work for me? Church Theory. Synagogue Theory - To Be Tested Tomorrow. Mosque Theory - Are any of you Muslim? Are you able to get to a Mosque? Church Theory Redux - Are any of you Catholic/Christian/ectectect? Are you able to get to a Church? Library Theory Redux - Are any of you staunch Atheists? Can you get to a Library?
  • Self-Pitying Angst about my biological parents.
  • I’m going to talk to Mum in an hour or so.

I’ll check back soon.



Before sleeping, and if any of you read Scott's main blog and the comments you'll see what I mean, I threw a chalkboard (with attached chalk) outside. By which I mean, I opened the door a really tiny bit and flung it haphazardly into the front garden before bolting the deadbolts.

So yeah, I decided to test what works for communication over in America with Sandra, Lya and Matt in H(a)unted.

I then threw up in the bathroom because I'm not exactly brave nor fearless and I could have been killed on my own doorstep just then.

Then it was a few hours of contemplation because another thing I've read he does is keep you on edge with nightmares. So I put my low-lights on in the study and brought my CD Player in. I have the complete Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy on CD, it's humorous and easily played at a volume loud enough to drown out my mind. So I fell asleep in a sort of nest of pillows, a quilt, a CD Player, low-lights and a dog who's taken to standing sentry at whatever room I'm in. Balthazar knows, I know he does, that's why he curls up directly next to me now.

God, I love that dog.

I slept through my alarm though, and as such have missed College, Mum‘s as pissed as hell with me, I haven‘t attended for about three weeks due to other Non-Slendy things. I’ve yet to tell her. I want her on side and armed with knowledge, but in much the same way that just Running away feels like betraying her, so does infecting her. But then again, he’s after me, so I’ve already selfishly infected her. Well, this is no time for holding back valuable information from her just because, so I’ll tell her today. Later on though, I'm beginning writing as I've just woken up actually. I have yet to look out of the window and check on the chalkboard so I'll just go do that.

Hmmkay, it's about ten minutes since my last sentence, I had to pluck up the courage to pull back the curtains so I whacked up the radio to drown out my hysteria and did it quickly.

I was right when talking to Thage, it's just a splintered mess on my lawn, something that wouldn't have happened when I threw it.

A very short-lived hypothesis. But the chalk isn’t among the splinters, so who knows? I think I’d have a heart attack if I saw blue-chalk writing everywhere now. Hnn, I can‘t see him around either. I think I’m glad I live in Central London. Trees are a no-show round here.

I’ll try out my Church Theory today, I hope. I’m nervous as hell still. I’ll take Balthazar too, even if that will skew the outcome possibly.

In other blog news, things don’t seem to be looking very good for many of my friends: Exelis Veritas are being attacked by Proxies/Hallowed/Agents, whatever the ‘in’ buzzword is. Will, over at Paranormal Log is having his account hacked, which while terrible, is a darn sight better than being Proxied/Hallowed/Agented, which is what we thought when he stared posting in Binary, Base-64 and Hex. Jack at Scared is pissing me off so bad I’ve threatened to claw his heart out of his chest and beat him to death with the spine he doesn’t seem to be using. In short, Stephanie (his girlfriend) has gone missing and to be frank, he’s giving up. If I was in America, I’d have punched him by now. My main influence towards researching, Robert over at White Elephants, while he may no longer be part of our fight, Redlight appears to have come back. Taunting us with some of Robert’s last work before he came for him. Prick.

A new friend of mine, Jekyll over at Now I Shall Know You has found a good way in which to keep track of your sanity when being followed, a notebook. And not in the way you keep a blog. An hourly journal, he uses the example of 5:00PM - 6:00PM - At the computer. Ectectect. I personally think this is a brilliant idea, not only can you keep track of if you are being Moved/Hallowed/Proxied/Agented, you can also keep track of whether or not you’re losing it. Another trait of being followed is drawing without knowledge, is it not?

Hnn. I’ve yet to reach that stage. Then again, it’s only been a day or so in which I’ve attracted his attention.

Either way, I’d recommend his blog. He and I seem to have the same idea of Keeping Calm and Screwing The Rules. Though, he seems to be better at the whole ‘Keeping Calm’ thing than me. I haven’t seen any evidence of him throwing his guts up with nervousness yet!

I’ve contacted Maduin the Jester as per Thage’s request, I’m waiting on a reply.

Hime; I’ve been petrified of Open Doors for as long as I can remember. It’s a recognised phobia; Entamophobia. NOT Entemophobia, that’s fear of bugs. And I know he can get past closed doors too. I don’t like the fact he can teleport inside, it’s an invasion of everything a home stands for. I’ve been trying to think as to what my reaction will be when he inevitably ‘get’s all up in my grill.’ I’m not a screamer, I’d probably just whimper while staring bug-eyed.

In response to the feelings that I can tell are coming from some of you reading:

My entries are long, I have to detail everything.

This ‘didn’t start out as a Slenderblog,’ isn’t the case. It may seem that way with the first bulk of posts being so arbitrary, but that’s because they are the first entries of my diary before I started trying to attract him, I couldn’t change one of the only non-variables in my test. Now he’s actually following me, there are no more non-variables. I changed a few of the nouns and pronouns though, it would have been odd had I written to a diary than my newly-acquired audience.


  • Chalkboard I threw outside last night is a splintered mess as predicted, though minus the blue-chalk. Chalkboard Theory. Though a new Side-Theory in the form of the Chalk has come forth with it‘s lack of appearance. Chalk Theory?
  • Loud comedy CD’s, large and cautious dog, lights-on means a nightmare-less sleep for me. Sleep Distraction Theory - Needs more testing. Any volunteers?
  • I’m going to enlist my Mother today.
  • I’m going to test Church Theory today, however I’m going to have Balthazar with me, so factor in a Dog Variable.
  • Friends at other blogs are dropping left-right and centre.
  • Another friend has come up with a brilliant idea that I intend to follow and urge you all to do the same. Keep an hourly notebook to measure any possible Time-Loss. I started at 11:00AM - 12:00PM - Woke Up.
  • Contacted Maduin the Jester at Thage’s request. Awaiting reply.

I’ll check back after the Test.